The natural habitat of this area, seemingly untouched by time, remains pristine, as does the legacy of earlier cultures. Recent archeological findings have included jars, arrows and stones, as well as ceremonial burial grounds. From more recent history, Argentina’s colonial heritage is evident in the preservation of the original “gaucho” culture, which has been transmitted throughout generations to the present day.

Our production technique is chemical and hormone-free, resulting in meat which is tender and rich in taste, lean and extraordinarily palatable.

La Filiberta Buffalo Meat comes from a selected herd of Mediterranean
and Murrah breeds that graze and rotate freely since youth through the nutritive
and natural pastures that have made the
Paraná Delta famous.

La Filiberta Buffalo Meat is produced in Islas del Ibicuy in the Paraná Delta. This region is located in the south of the Province of Entre Ríos, close to where the Paraná and Uruguay rivers meet and flow into the De la Plata River.

The extensive areas of pastures, free of chemical pollution, the favorable weather conditions and the thousands of streams that flow throughout the region make the Paraná Delta the ideal place for raising water buffalo in a natural way.

The Paraná Delta is a region of pure nature with vast extensions of fertile plains, wetlands and streams inhabited by water turtles, alligators, otters and swamp deer, as well as many exotic species of birds and fish. The presence of such a diverse and exuberant flora and fauna makes the region a uniquely beautiful landscape close to the city of Buenos Aires.