La Filiberta

With more than 20 years of experience, La Filiberta, produces and sells cuts of water buffalo beef fed in the pastures of the Paraná River wetlands in Argentina.

The Paraná Delta is an ecoregion bathed and fertilized by the Paraná River on its way to the sea. The continuous sediments that the river deposited through the centuries and still deposits, favor the growth of abundant, nutritive and tender pastures, turning it into an ideal habitat for the raising of buffalo.

With the support of a strict production protocol, plenty of natural pastures, temperate climate and many water sources, we manage to produce a natural, healthy, lean and very tasty meat.

From its beginning, the only alternative La Filiberta accepted as the right one, was to produce while preserving the environment. Thus the importance to implement techniques to improve the soil, biodiversity and flora and fauna of the farm while breeding our buffalo.

With this vision, the production protocol was developed together with researchers from the Argentinean National Agricultural Technology Institute (INTA), who have extensive experience in animal management in natural farms. One of the main aims was to guarantee the traceability and the quality of the meats obtained exclusively with grass.

La Filiberta guarantees quality meat that is produced friendly to the environment.

Our buffalo are bred in 100% natural farms.

  • Without growth hormones
  • Without artificial food
  • No confinement based on grain
  • 100% grass.

Animal Welfare

La Filiberta breeds and raises buffalo which since birth and throughout their entire lives, all year round, have been freely grazing and rotating outdoors.

The good practices protocol developed by La Filiberta meets the most modern requirements to ensure animal welfare.

The broad extensions of agrochemical-free and natural pastures and the continuous training of the personnel that manages the animals assure a responsible handling of the buffalo.

The animal’s natural growth is respected and encouraged, without hormones or stress.