La Filiberta buffalo meats are natural and have the attributes of being achieved only on grass: low content of intramuscular fat and cholesterol, high content of iron, protein, Omega 3, vitamins E (antioxidant), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and good ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

La Filiberta is a guarantee of quality and of meat that is produced friendly to the environment.

Ribeye / Entrecôte

Roastbeef / Striploin / Rumpsteak

Thick flank / Knuckle


Heart of Rump


Eye of round

Filet / Tenderloin

Cap of rump

Buffalo Bresaola

Our handmade bresaola is elaborated following the ancestral techniques of the Valtellina, a region of northern Italy. To prepare it, a selection of cuts is made that follow a slow process of salting, spicing, drying and storing for more than 90 days.

Given the very low intramuscular fat content of buffalo meat and its attributes achieved through grazing in natural pastures, La Filiberta bresaola is distinguished by its texture, flavor and delicate aromas, that cannot be achieved anywhere else in the world.

Buffalo Hamburger

Our burgers are 180g of pure grass fed buffalo meat and have a low fat content. In addition, they contain neither salt nor spices, allowing to mantain the homemade texture, a good bite and the original tasty flavor of the buffalo meat.